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Brandi's List Of Cool Sites

Hello. Here is a giant list of my favorite sites!
Please feel free to make suggestions in my guestbook or via Email at b_bryant07@braillesoft.net.

Thanks to anyone who has signed my guestbook! Not only does it let me know that people do go here and look around, but it's also a great place to list your suggestions!

Interested in working from home? Do you want to have a life of freedom? Are you interested in creating a safe, natural environment for your loved ones? This opportunity is for you! Just click the contact link and fill out the short form so that I can show you what I do! Check out My Home Business

Want to network with other blind people? Play games, chat online, posts to boards and enjoy the phone-conferencing feature.The Zone BBS.

I am constantly hearing about different ways to help people who are less fortunate than myself. The problem is, what cause do I support? How much money should I give? Is it even a true cause, or are they just looking for a way to scam me? Well, Free Rice is the perfect way to support a good cause, entertain yourself and excel in your word knowledge. Check out The Free Rice Game.

Want to get a listing of what's playing anytime of the day on television? It doesn't matter if you are a cable person, or a satellite person! Check outThis blind-friendly TV Guide!

I found a terrific site for those interested in blogging, so make a spot for yourself to write, make friends, and network, with others that are visually impaired. So try outBlindspots. It's Free!!

Here's a site for anyone interested in fun games and innovative programs for the blind. Check out X-Sight Interactive!

Want Pod Casts made by blind people, and for blind people?Check Out Blind Cool Tech.

Want to play an online game of Hangman? Here is the place to do it! I know for sure it works with PAC Mate, so it should~ work with all internet browsers!So, let us play now!

Do you enjoy products that talk? Looking for a talking device for a cheaper price? Whether it's talking thermometers, or a talking character keychain, this site is for you! Loads of bargains and laughs at Speak To Me!

Shoutcast not only let's you run your own Internet Radio Station right from your home, but they have thousands and thousands of MP3 radio stations you can listen to for as long as you want, for free! PAC Mate users will need GSPlayer, but in the long-run, it is worth it. Braille Notes can naturally stream these stations. Check outshoutcast.com

As a music lover, I'm always looking for CD'S that are worth my money. I finally found the perfect site. They charge $6.99 for single CD'S, and $11.98 for double CD'S! No shipping charge, and it's one of the most accessible music-buying sites I know. Go to Yourmusic.com!

Are you a disabled parent or potential parent? Go toThrough the Looking Glass, for information.

Here's a new site I found that allows PAC Mate, BrailleNotes, and other PDA'S to easily play streaming radio stations. Enjoy!Radio4PDA.com

Want to exchange files with a buddy that lives far away? No storage cards, emails with attachments, or hassle? Best of all, you have control of what you send. Try MY ORB!

Imagine! Being able to voice-chat FOR FREE with a buddy. No long-distance charges, no charges whatsoever for that matter! Another great thing? It works with Pac Mate! Do all that and more with SKYPE

Do you enjoy listening to OLDTIME radio programs like Haunted Hour, The Whistler, X-1, and many more? Check outRadio Lovers

Want an online adventure that never ends? Check out SRYTH

Are synthesized versions of songs your thing? Try the Dec Talk Sing Out Page!
Living Skills Center for the Visually Impaired. Need I explain any further? Check Them Out For Yourself!

Want a giant database of radio stations? Or do you want to find and listen to your favorite station? Explore Radio-locator.
Here's another great radio station site without all the extras. Also easier for blind people to browse. Try Mike's Radio World
Need a good read, or are you like me and need LOTS of them. Try Bookshare
Web-braille is another book downloading site, but is free. You can also get magazines. Bored? Try This Site: http://www.bored.com
Are you a Pac Mate User?
Are You a Yahoo! Member, but want a more friendlier version for your PDA? Try This.

For the lyric junkie like me. Try: http://lyrics.astraweb.com
Are you a Braille Note user? Try: The Keyweb List Of Sites
Have a notetaker/computer that supports Z5 games? Go to the IF Archive.
Want to chat with other blind and visually impaired people using your PC? Go To: http://www.freedomchat.org
Need or want some cool sounds for your PC? Go to: http://www.findsounds.com
Interested in Satellite radio? Try these sites: XM Satellite Radio
and Sirius Satellite Radio
Need something relaxing to listen to? Go to: http://www.iserenity.com
Interested in finding out what your name means? Go To: http://www.namecentral.com

Need a diary that won't get gobbled up forever by your sometimes untrustworthy note-taker? Try: http://www.diaryland.com
Need a good source for your favorite audio games? Go To: http://www.audiogames.net
Have a Safeway near you, and want to try shopping for your groceries online? Go to: http://www.shop.safeway.com/access

Did I leave out YOUR favorite site? Tell me by Emailing me at: b_bryant07@braillesoft.net. If I like it, I'll post it for others to visit. Thanks for visiting!

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